Are you impressed by the typical shabby look? Probably among the most décor trends ever, shabby chic is still pushing forward actively almost two decades after this term was first introduced. An eclectic style which blends antique furniture with lace, demine florals and pastel colors, this technique is also commonly referred to as vintage chic or country chic.

If you need a new inspiration for your home décor, then you are in luck since the shabby chic design is not only inexpensive but also easy to effect. At it very most uncomplicated, shabby chic style is up cycled (antique furniture), meaning that you can either cheaply acquire some vintage pieces or merely purchase some modern furniture pieces at a low cost and inspire a shabby chic style makeover yourself.

To have an idea of how to furnish your home with shabby chic décor, below are some simple yet amazing ideas to spark life and exquisiteness in your home.


# 1 Vintage mirrors:

Mirrors are a valuable inclusion in any home, and it is no surprise they form part of a shabby chic décor. By use of vintage mirrors, you can celebrate the beauty in the patina of vintage objects. You can make use of an oversized mirror with a stunning burnished finish to not only add personality bit also a character to an otherwise dull living room.

You can check other old mirrors from online stores such as eBay for some other options. You can also add a spark of color with bright glasses and some fresh flowers.

A display of vintage mirrors

# 2 Salvaged furniture:

Salvaged furniture pieces are at the very epicenter of any shabby-chic look. You can go for a scrubbed pine table to create a relaxed vintage touch to your dining room. What’s more, you can go for a second-hand gem or furniture pieces that look a little rusty to accentuate the look. You can use this antique restoration guide to bring the piece back to life.

Salvaged Tree Trunk Crafted Table

# 3 Vintage accessories:

With shabby chic style, simplicity is everything, and vintage accessories can help you do it. To better highlight the accessories, you can keep your floor and walls simple with a coat of whitewash. For the accessories, you can decide to go for a vintage dressing room chandelier, mismatched paintings or colorful eiderdowns just to bring out the excellent characteristic. What’s more, you can also incorporate some gorgeous floral paintings to add a spark of beauty in the room.

Vintage umbrella & Parasol

# 4 Aged iron furniture:

Contrary to numerous other decors and furnishing styles, the shabby chic works well for virtually any room in a house. You can inspire a shabby look with soft linen cushions, whitewashed walls to create a pleasant atmosphere in the room. For the accessories, go for a salvaged iron chair or typically aged iron furniture pieces that stand out as a centerpiece in an otherwise dull room setting such as an office. You can also use some old desk lamps either in blue or turquoise colors which blend amazingly well with this style.

Vintage industrial crank desk

# Salvaged wooden shutters:

One other way of finding beauty in formerly discarded items is by use of faded wooden shutters which can be salvaged and utilized as ornamentation in any simple room especially with a white scheme. You can purchase the items cheaply either on eBay or Etsy.

Salvaged wooden victorian shutters

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