Shabby Chic Furniture Styles

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By DebraB

Shabby Chic furniture is gaining quite some popularity among home owners. This furniture gives your abode a feeling of the antique. A major challenge that most customers of this unique type of furniture face when they visit our store is on design ideas. Granted, not all homes or spaces are the same, in any case people have different tastes and themes they want to achieve with this furniture. So the issue of which kind of shabby chic furniture designs come to mind. Are there any general guidelines that you can use as you select these pieces from the seller? Consider the following:

Blend of comfort and eclectic imperfection

As you scout around in the shop for the ideal pieces of shabby chic furniture you have to bear in mind that it is not just the antique quality of the pieces that you need; comfort is essential. These pieces of furniture have a functional utility and just like with conventional furniture, shabby chic furniture has to enhance the overall comfort of your room or space where you intend to use it.

What should be included for maximum effect?

Though this kind of furniture items come in different sizes, from large to small, it is the large furniture that creates the first impression. New and, in some cases, repeat buyers are not sure of what articles to buy under the large furniture category. Any time you are shopping for large furniture to decorate your large spaces you should consider the following items: antique-style or cast iron chandeliers, farmhouse tables and other classic pieces. Another area of concern we have noticed among buyers is what to consider when designing the shabby chic palaces. It is advisable to keep the following elements in mind.

Farm-style shabby chic design

White –washed furniture goes a long way in spicing the area when used as a clean palette. Farm chairs and a table, for instance, bring a rustic feel as they blend with shabby chic pastel, furnishings and wall color.

Cottage style

You can decide to use this furniture to give your abode a cottage style feel. This can be done by incorporating lace, linen and crotchet in your list of must-buys. You can also add vintage rugs, florals and frilly pillows. It is advisable to choose a color palette that has two neutrals such as crisp white and a pop up color like sea foam green

Collectibles such as eclectic plates

As you will notice, when selling these pieces of furniture we also functional shabby chic decorations. These are pieces which are not just meant for aesthetic appeal but also can be used in the normal activities at your place. Eclectic plate for instance can be used for meals giving your meal-times that same antique feel that you so much desire in your home. With this type of antiques you don’t have to go for matching sets of cups and dishes; it’s all about the eclectic feel created by the dinnerware, vintage touches and tea cups. All these are available at reasonable bargains.

White furnishings

Many décor experts and home owners find white furniture & shabby chic furniture to be widely acceptable. That is why you find many items with varying shades of white. You can choose ivory and creams for a more relaxed feel.

These are not the only design ideas but at least they provide a good starting point to shoppers. It is always advisable to seek further ideas from our interior designer and experts in this form of décor.

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