You have probably heard a lot about Mead. The vikings loved it, the monks loved it and everyone in medieval times apparently liked it a whole damn lot. But What exactly does it taste like? Everyone knows it is honey wine, but how does it actually taste?

Well if you have ever had a fortified wine, and know how sweet that can be, just imagine those warm notes with honey being the main taste. So almost like honey whiskey. It also has a warming sensation, and can sometimes have darker caramel notes if it is heather honey. 

How long does it take to make mead?

For the best results – it takes 6 months to get the alcohol percentage up to approx 17% which is what mead is normally served at. With that being said it is also fine to consume a long time before this, just it will perhaps not be at the optimal alcohol percentage you want. 

honey in jars
honey in jars

Where to make mead?

Make mead in your still room, or distillery room. 

Is mead gluten free?

Typically yes. You will have to check on the actual fermentation process and the ingredients that were used, but generally speaking mead is gluten free. 

what does mead taste like
what does mead taste like

Traditional mead recipe

You may be looking for a traditional mead recipe. And who can blame you? This drink is one of those that has to be experienced for you to get the full appreciation of it, as well as this it can transport you back to the time that it was once conceived. You may have been searching how to make mead reddit. Well look no further.


How to make mead like a viking

This one is interesting, because although we think of vikings as savages today, they were actually very clean people for the time, and knew how to sterilise their equipment for making mead and other beverages. So the recipe will not actually differ much from the one we have today if you can believe it or not. So if you are wondering how to make viking mead? It will not be too different! Apart from perhaps the containers and utensils being made from wood, the real process does not differ at all. 

How to make mead from raw honey

  • All mead is made from raw honey. This incredibly simple process has lasted centuries. Simply you need distilled or filtered water
  • 3 pounds of honey or slightly less
  • And around a half of a packet of champagne yeast. If you are looking at How to make mead uk, you will easily find champagne yeast at boyes. 

Short mead recipe

  • Once you have done this, make sure you sterilise all of your containers with boiling water. After this step, start to add the honey and the water, over the stove, dissolving the honey by simmering it slowly. This can be a lengthy process.
  • Add any extra ingredients you want in this stage, including spices etc. 
  • Once your mixture is below 90 degrees Fahrenheit, add the yeast. Adding the yeast before this will kill the yeast so you need to make sure you do it at this temperature. 
  • Then pour into bottles. 
  • One packet of yeast makes 5 gallons so you can generally work out how much to make using this measure. Again, this is a dry mead recipe.

The Mead fermentation timeline takes around 6 months to fully ferment, after this you will not see much change coming from the mead. Wondering How to make mead without yeast? This is possible but not recommended. 

After you have done this, you can store the mead in your Butler’s pantry.