What is a Butler’s Pantry?

This is usually a passage with countertops and cabinets. As well as surfaces with cabinets and more. The cabinets are usually silverware and china, as well as a place to polish silverware and glassware. Sometimes they will also include a dishwasher and a small fridge. It is a place the butler would prepare the items for meals and silverware.  

For people that like to entertain, a butler’s pantry is essential.

Pantry synonyms

Firstly, you may have heard pantry under a different name. Some people also call it a larder, a store, storeroom, buttery, butler, spence and a still room. 

Old fashioned butlers pantry

This was a  place to store the family china and silverware. It would be a room between the kitchen and dining room. Also with many cupboards and drawers to store things in. It is quite an exciting concept because it optimises space in the best way. That being said, you don’t actually need a butler, this can be used as a space that is brilliant for the family to use, and store their crockery and more. 

Butlers pantry ideas

There are a lot of brilliant ideas for a butlers pantry. You can think of a butlers pantry as a way to optimise space in a kitchen first and foremost, but also a great addition to how you run a kitchen. Because of this there are many modern ideas and traditional ideas you can adopt 

Aswell as that there are many modern additions. 

  • Open shelving – for optimal storage. This also helps you see everything in your inventory and makes it easier to meal plan and prep. 
  • Wine fridge – Brill for one of those fancier meals you’ve been cooking up so you can pair the perfect wine with it
  • Mead storage
  • Make it insta friendly – making this an aesthetically brilliant space will brighten your experience to no end. 
  • Free up counters – freeing up counter space in your kitchen is so worth it
  • Optimise vertical space – using all the height space you have is also a huge yes. 
  • Use art – make it vibrant! This could be using bright colours or art. This does not have to be a drab place. 
  • Multi purpose – multi purpose is super fun. 

butlers pantry dimensions

There is actually a minimum requirement of the size a butler’s pantry can be. This is 1.6 meters by 2.2 meters. So you can easily fit this in your home! This will fit in a few small appliances, as well as fitting them in vertically, by using vertical shelving as well as using cabinet space for other things. That being said, it can be larger, in order to fit in larger items and appliances. The cabinets can also be from 8 inches to 45 inches. .Typically cabinets are built in 3 inch increments, so it enables you to plan your kitchen very well. 

A butler’s pantry is small, it tends to be more of a corridor, as a pose to a walk in pantry and a scullery. 

What is the point of a butler’s pantry?

The butlers pantry frees up space, as well as this it’s a great place to plate up meals for serving and organise beverages and more. The point is also to have some order for meal preparation and service. If you actually had a butler’s pantry in the past it would have been a status of wealth and standing in the community. Having a butler would also solidify this. 


Because open plan living revolves around the kitchen, it is sometimes super useful to have an area that is out of the way for visitors and guests to see. 

butlers pantry vs walk in pantry

The difference is quite a lot defined by its size. The butlers pantry is small, as well as it serves a different purpose to a walk in pantry. The walk in pantry has more appliances, such as a toaster perhaps, as well as a freezer and food storage. This is the main difference.                                                                                             

Pantry room

A pantry room is very useful to have. As you can see this is one of the things that you do not think you want in a home until you hsvae i and then you cannot live without it . 

What is a scullery?

This is a room in a house that is used for laundry, or even as an additional kitchen space. Traditionally it would be used for washing up dishes and tidying away. #The scullery maid would have traditionally been the one to do this task. 

What is a Scullery maid?

A scullery maid would have been the one that worked in the scullery, and washed the dishes as well as laundering the clothes. Because of this it was a room that was very much a workspace, very practical and not much in the way of luxuries. You can see many nice examples of georgian sculleries and kitchens. This is somewhat redundant in the modern day, but you can still see examples of them. 

what is a butlers pantry
what is a butlers pantry

Scullery meaning

It means the room at the back of the house that is used for washing fishes for dirty household work. 

Modern scullery

A modern scullery is much more multi purpose than the old style. In georgian times the kitchen would have had many facets, but nowadays more things are rolled into one. A scullery kitchen is more likely to have modern shelving as well as vertical storage and a place to wash dishes with perhaps a dishwasher. 

Kitchens with a hidden scullery

A super cool addition to a house. The hidden scullery stays out of the way until needed, which is great for keeping the unwanted things away from guests when not needed it keeps the clutter out of the way. You can see some scullery design photos that are great to see some modern scullery ideas to get you away from the typical style of the victorian scullery or even georgian scullery designs. This hidden idea is a great choice if you are looking for something low key in your home . You can also combine laundry and a butler’s pantry in kitchen scullery.