Today – a still room is a synonym for a pantry or a larder, but what was it once used for?

It is a little hard to deduce, but a still room was once a distillery room that would have made grand houses mead, wine and more. The original use for the room is rarely practiced today, and we can see evidence of places updating still rooms into pantry rooms, and butlers pantries over the years.

what is a still room
what is a still room

Stillroom in kitchen

A still room is usually situated near the kitchen. This is because often the things that are produced would be used in the kitchen and resources that are needed are often used in the still room. That being said, it is often found near a butler’s pantry or something of that effect. A store or a larder or even they have been found near buttery. 

What was a still room used for?

Originally this room would have been used for making medicines by the physicians and apothecaries. It would have also been the place to home brew beer and wine. Even preserving herbs and spices for later flavouring and more. This room cropped up in great houses and castles dating back to medieval times. However as time passed, the still room was demoted to making various preserves such as jams and jellies and alcohol.

Still room equipment

This would be a coffee maker, hot water machine,as well as tables and more. Before this would have been equipment for distillation. Including whiskey, and beer from hops. A still room would have also been used for making mead which was a very important drink for those in medieval times. It was also very important for people in medieval times to drink so much distilled goods, because the process is one of the only ways you can make sure there are no impurities in the water and/or bugs or parasites. 

what is a still room used for
what is a still room used for

Modern still room

In modern times, a modern still room would be used for making jams, and even just as another pantry for storing crockery and glassware. Check out our article on butlers pantry, and a larder room. The modern still room can look as trendy as you like featuring:

  • Modern shelving – Featuring some gorgeous shelving ideas can be enough to transfer a drab room into a modern masterpiece
  • Optimise the storage – Storage can be anywhere from the cupboards to within the walls or floors. Think about innovative places to put things. 
  • Decorate – Having pretty decoration is one of the main plus points to having a versatile still room. As well as it looking pretty, it can also help you sell a house. 

Designing a still room

Designing a still room especially in the modern day can be difficult, especially as they are not strictly sought after these days. But with the revival of making your own and brewing your own beer, we thought, maybe this is the time to bring back the still room?! Why not. It may add value to your home.