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Accepting guest posts! I am constantly trying to find a copywriter for my website, to assist the already transparent content that is produced upon a monthly basis, keep on reading if you think you’re fit to work with me.

But before you go ahead and send me your entry, Id like to outline the guest post guidelines so that you and I do not throw away each other’s time, in this manner you are most likely to be approved and together we can form a long lasting realtionship. Giving you the chance to post an article for my site whenever you can.

Guest Post Guidelines: What I'm Looking For

Every famous creative writer and copywriters does their market research, therefore any content you develop for this website, and even for your own, should  be relevant with the identity of the site and should include in depth keyword research.

Before you submit, a post should be extensive, but not full of fluff, I’d say commonly 750-1250+ words of well researched content that users can find trustworthy whilst they are on my domain.

Several of our preferred posts to provide you some inspiration as to what I’m looking for.

Article Writing Style

This is a personal blog, as well as I want to get this throughout in all of my articles. Even as a guest blogger I urge you to utilize words like “I”, “you” and also “us” to keep it as personal as feasible, enabling you to build a stronger connection with my target market.

To send a visitor post that is successful, your writing must be delightful to read, so see to it that your post is as clear as possible, no requirement in any specific lingo if it is not entirely necessary to the point you’re trying to make.

On top of this, keep your paragraphs short, make it simple on the readers eyes…however you should already understand that due to the fact that I have no doubt you’re already a wonderful article author.

Article Topics My Audience Likes

My blog site fits within the Interior Design niche, below are some subjects I frequently write about, nonetheless I’m open to brand-new and fresh ideas:

Let's Form A Partnership

There are various other methods which you can come to be a valued member of www.the-furniture-cave.co.uk past being a permanent guest blog owner. I appreciate any little contributions made in the exchange for your totally free visitor article as all contributions aid with the basic upkeep of this website in addition to the quality of web content in which I can generate. If you can not make a contribution however you have a web site and you need a guest blog post, please let me know when you send your blog post for review and we can organize something that will certainly benefit the both of us.

Hyperlinks on Blog Post

You are able to put in up to 1 link of your choosing within your written post.

Editing Rights

Although I trust your writing skills, I reserve the right to make any type of edits I see fit to your creative essay. 99% of the time this is simply to do with grammar and also the flow of your post.

Guest Post Scheduling

Usually, I’ll release your blog post the day you send it to me, assuming you‘ve adhered to the guest blogger method I have outlined for you on this page. Or else I’ll launch your guest post as soon as everything is up to date.

Article Writing Advantages

There are advantages to uploading on my blog site, here they are:

Long-term Placement

When we continually collaborate, developed trust and created some great work as a collaborative, I’ll be more than pleased to offer you a long-term position on my writing group. I give you the freedom to be as creative as possible and allow you to post write-ups whenever you feel like it – absolutely free!

Direct Exposure to the Interior Design Niche

You’re here because you enjoy Interior Design as much as I do. When you compose a post on my blog, you’ll have the ability to expose your work to many active fans in the Interior Design Niche that can help you expand and become as known as I am.

All Prepared to Compose? - To Summarise

Finally, after going through our standards, you should be prepared to write/submit me your post. If you have actually failed to remember, here’s what I am looking for:

I am seeking a Interior Design specfic article that contains about 750-1250+ words of top quality and informative web content that includes relevant search phrases. Your post ought to consist of personal pronouns such as “I” “us” to help connect with the viewers. I allow up to 1 link on your post – which pertain to the web content of your article.

On top of this, I also request some form of payment, whether it be a small donation or hyperlink on a website you think I could be interested in.

Additional Notes

Below are also some points you should remember when sending:

  • Images are not need from you with your post, thank you.
  • If you’re eager to work with us and want your post live as soon as possible, make sure to add “mutation beard” as your subject

Done Composing? Okay, let's work together

Send your post using the contact form below and I’ll get back to you immediately if you have actually followed my guidelines to a T.

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